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“Big Ideas”

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Pathways to a Better Life

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“Better Life” Priorities

Equity Imperative Round 2 “Better Life” Priorities. Please review Better Life Priorities. Once you review the document please leave your comments below the document.

Budget Priorities

Funded High Equity Imperative NPS Budget Priorities. Please click title to review budget priorities. Once you review the document please leave your comments below the document.

13 thoughts on “Welcome to the Equity Imperative Round 2 Community Forum

    1. You’re worried about a raise when you should be worried about the technology in the classes rooms and how that affects the way we learn.


  1. Is there a way for us to partner with the company’s around us so we can receive if not free food then food at lest cost?


    1. Why is UDC surprised at the low retention rate when admissions and financial aid are so hard to navigate? By the time students start classes, they are already exhausted by the bureaucracy and red tape that they go through just to get in the door. This frustration is compounded by the fact that none of this is handled in a business-like way (with all those representing UDC treating students as if they are valuable end-users of a product; end-users that are consistently forming opinions and evaluating company performance to detemine whether they should explore other options, including not going to school so that they can avoid the headache). If UDC makes these unavoidable processes so untenable and unpleasant, it shouldn’t be surprising that students are put off the entire idea of school after such an experience. In the meantime, students are interacting with others outside the school and spreading the word that UDC is an unreasonably difficult place to deal with. Even if those they communicate their negative experiences with still end up going to UDC, their firsthand dealings will only serve to prove what others told them. In short, questions about retention need to be put to current and (most importantly) former students.


  2. In three out of four of my classes, the computers and the projectors do not work. Why is it like this and will is this expected to change? It makes learning almost impossible to do. Also, in one out of three of those classes, the dry erase board does not work, so it makes it almost impossible for the teacher to teach and for me to learn. I pay too much to attend this school for things to be this way.


  3. When will the University implement the Annual $25 dollar membership Capital Bikeshare Membership?


    1. How can the university justify taking students out of classes mid semester for nonpayment when at the same time, the university complains about the low graduation and retention rates?


  4. Will there be an effort to implement the WMATA U-pass as other universities in the area have done?


  5. Dear Mr. President –
    At the Flagship Town Hall, the “demand” for gender neutral bathrooms was raised.
    Is this video the expectation for gender neutral bathrooms in Firebird Nation: https://youtu.be/5P3h_ZGdplY
    I’m really unclear as to how this will be achieved? The bathrooms currently need a lot of work (e.g., locks not working and huge gaps between the stalls).
    It’s the law and it’s needed BUT our diverse community needs to feel safe and understand why this is important. Our international community will need brown bags and orientation.


  6. Dear Pres. Mason,
    Assistance is greatly needed with UDC Events. This unit has suffered tremendous staffing losses and it shows. It is VERY DIFFICULT to get spaces reserved, mainly obtaining confirmations. Multiple emails never obtain a response and phone calls are a waste of time. The structure of the Events Team is widely unknown as to who handles reservations for what room or space.

    It’s great news that UDC meeting spaces are so popular but the current team cannot handle the volume in a timely or professional manner. This is true for internal and external entities contacting the Events Team.

    Please hire more staff, please get them trained in events management and customer service, please find them effective supervision and please get them a copy of The Equity Imperative.

    Thank you for listening.


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